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Making of guidelines for international negotiations (Code of Conduct)

Background and Objectives

          In 2009, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) realized the need for performance standard especially for staff who conducted international negotiation and meeting. All agencies should comply with the guidelines for international negotiations (Code of Conduct) such as goal preparation, attitude / negotiating options, including written intervention. This is for the purposes of efficiency and effectiveness for the consumer protection, consistency international policy, reduction of redundant tasks, elimination of unfair trade, and best benefit for Thailand.

The Process

          The Office of Foreign Affairs has prepared a manual for international meeting and negotiations (Code of Conduct). To be the same standard procedures for all FDA  personnel, the manual states details about approval process, goal setting, position/ options in meeting/ negotiation, clearly written intervention including  standard report preparation. The preparation for international negotiations must complete all of the following three steps.
          1. Step before meeting / negotiation, prepare position/ options/ interventions, consult the legal counsel's office and stakeholders and submit the interventions to the Secretaty-General of FDA for an approval.
          2. Step during meeting / negotiation.
          3. Step for conclusion report of the meeting / negotiation.

Overall Result

         In 2009, the Secretary General of the FDA has approved that every offices must follow the guidelines for international negotiations.
         The trial process began voluntarily in 2010. The objective is to find obstacles and ways to improve the Code of Conduct.
         The revised 2011 guidelines for the international negotiations (Code of Conduct) was released and set up as a measurement of the strategic plan of the FDA. Every office who conducts international meetings / negotiations must implement the Code of Conduct not less than 60 percent of the operations. During December 2010 to December 2011, 80 percent has been successfully conducted.
         In 2012, FDA planed to use the Code of Conduct for 70 percent of international operations but the actual conduct was 91.89 percent from October 2011 to June 2012.