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The Foreign Affairs Management Working Group

          The Foreign Affairs Working Group has established since 2008.  The working group consists of members from 19 offices in the FDA and functions as a manager for FDA in order to cope with the international issues and cooperation.


          1. To develop and to make recommendations for the protection of consumer health about the foreign affairs for the FDA.
          2. To plan meetings and to develop plans relating to the protection of consumer health about foreign affairs for the FDA.
          3. To develop plans and cooperation projects about foreign mission for the FDA.


Implementation of Important Resolution:

           Since 2006 until now (March 2013), the Foreign Affairs Working Group has set up 37 joint meetings summarized as follows:
           1. To consider the proposed yearly budget plan and monitor the actual spending in foreign missions for the FDA.
           2. To follow up on issues for which the FDA should follow upon the resolutions from the International Meeting.
           3. To prepare data and topic including determine the position of the FDA in the International Meeting.
           4. To monitor and make progress report on practical application of principles for international negotiations (Code of Conduct) into action, and to develop negotiating teams for the FDA.
           5. To prepare a scope for preliminary framework for negotiations on standardization of testing and certification, this is under the supervision of the ASEAN Consultative  Committee on Standard and Quality (ACCSQ).
           6. To get ready for ASEAN Community by 2015 and prepare strategic plans to join the ASEAN Economic Community.
           7. To discuss and prepare the foreign affairs development plan for the FDA for the year 2011 to 2014.