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      Foreign policies and relations have expanded a great deal in various dimensions such as free trade policy, incentive investment, facilitated trade, tax reduction, and logistic development. Additionally changing in social and economic trends such as the consumer's ability to access information electronically and e-commerce which can reach consumers anytime, anywhere, have caused the rapid distribution of products among various countries. This presents risks involving the safety of products and services and affects the well-being and nutrition of people at all levels. Furthermore, the level of competition has complicated negotiations among international forums such as ASEAN, APEC, and WTO, as well as bilateral agreements such asThailand-Australia FTA,Thailand-China FTA, etc. This directly effects consumer protection mission of the Office of Food and Drug Administration. Therefore international missions have become increasingly important to the Office of Food and Drug Administration, which is a government agency responsible mainly for the safety of consumer health products, including drugs, food, medical devices, cosmetics, hazardous substances and narcotics.

      Aware of the rapidly changing circumstances, as mentioned above, the Office of Food and Drug Administration established the Office of International Affairs on Health Consumer Protection on August 17, 2006. It is an internal office which performs specific functions and missions abroad for the Office of Food and Drug Administration. Objective of the Office of International Affairs is to effectively carry out foreign missions, to coordinate and monitor the progress of the moving and changing world that may affect the consumer protection system, and to be able to formulate policies and prepare the organization as well as personnel consistently regarding mission changes.